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The British Saddleback is a very distinctive breed, being black with a broad white band. The breed was formed through cross-breeding between Wessex and Essex Saddlebacks, each of which has a long history in Britain.


British Saddlebacks are docile, good-tempered and exceptionally good mothers. Many people believe them to be the best of all the rare breeds for rearing outdoors. Saddlebacks are usually crossed with other breeds to produce the finest quality porkers and bacon pigs.


Welsh pigs are large white pigs, originally bred along pure lines on Welsh valley farms. The breed remained unknown outside Wales for generations but after the second world war it became one of the most popular whites in Britain. Welsh pigs are good for pork or bacon and are noted for their superb hams.


In recent years the number of Welsh pigs has dropped sharply as the big pig breeding companies have turned to hybrids without Welsh blood.


Welsh pigs are docile and, like the Saddlebacks, are wonderful mothers.