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Pig Photos

Although we are serious about the business of breeding and selling rare breed pigs, at the same time we take real pleasure from working with these splendid animals.


A few weeks before our sows are due to give birth, we bring them indoors where we can keep an eye on them and make sure they’re getting plenty of food and rest. Litters can be as big as 16 or 17 piglets, although 10 to 12 is more normal.


When we have a very large litter, we tend to foster some of the piglets with other pigs who have recently given birth. Rubbing the foster mother’s dung over the piglet is enough to guarantee it is accepted.


Our expectant sows spend a lot of time relaxing in the piles of straw in their pens. But like mums-to-be everywhere, these girls love a good gossip!